Angling report – w/e 31st May 2020

Foxford Bridge

Another week of incredible weather. Still in all a few fish reported; 6 for the week on Foxford Salmon Anglers water. The River is reaching the lowest that many of us have seen in years. Rocks showing and the water is so clear you can see the river bed and its lumps and bumps.

Stay well and stay safe all.

From the 8th June people may travel up to 20km from their home. So we may get a few more Anglers.

Angling report – w/e 24th May 2020

fishing spring
A big change in the weather brought a big change on the river.
Fishing reports down considerably to 4 fish reported on Foxford Salmon Anglers water for last week. It’s still locals only for another couple of weeks at least.
We are getting enquiries from many people asking about coming to fish. Accommodation providers cannot open until Monday 20th JULY; So if anyone is hoping to come after this date then its no harm to start making your booking enquiries now, as it may get busy especially with social distancing etc….
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Stay well and stay safe.

Angling report – w/e 17th May 2020


We had 16 Salmon reported for this week on the River Moy. The river remains low due to the nice spell of weather. This report is compiled from local Anglers fishing within the 5KM limit. The fishing will not open to all Anglers until around the 20th of July. That is providing we don’t get any increase or spike in Covid-19. All membership fees need to be in and processed by the end of MAY.

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Angling report – w/e 10th May 2020

Not much to report at the moment but that’s to be expected.
A few local Anglers fishing with the 5 km. The Moy is getting very low which makes it even more difficult. We would ask all club members to forward their membership fees as the club depends on its members to keep things ticking over. Just because the fishing is slow it doesn’t mean the Bills are slow! They keep coming! So Please if you can get in your membership fees, it would be a great help.
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